Artist's Statement

After a forty year career in the academic world I have turned to the world of art as my primary way of expression. While I used traditional oil and acrylic media during the sixties and seventies, the flexibility and range of possibilities afforded by the digital medium have opened myriad new ways for releasing the creative process.

As with many others, retirement has freed me to focus my energies on my art work and has allowed me to express feelings and thoughts that otherwise would be very difficult to express. The creative process leads me into areas that are mostly always unforeseen and frequently very revealing. The results are often unpredictable but, when successful, seem to involve the interweaving of color and form in surprisingly meaningful ways. How light, line and color communicate an emotional message is most fascinating. The conflicts and complementarities of the inner and outer worlds play a significant role in the content of my art.

All the artwork on the site is for sale. Prices range from $300 to $500 and are available upon request.

A brief video on some of my work can be seen at:

All images are copyrighted.